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AICOIN-The First Investment Collective Dedicated to Building Wealth Through the Power of Blockchain

Along with the rapid development of technology, now we can enjoy the dashing power by using the blockchain system. One of the list of sites using this technology is AICOIN. AICOIN is an investment tool that uses the "Little Person Intelligence" model to generate profit for the coinholder / investor. The first part of this strategy uses AI models and First Global Credit exclusive technologies to optimize market positions that actively trade the highest cryptocurrency markets. This model takes advantage of market inefficiency by trading automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Which is then used to finance investments in early-stage companies that are tech-tech on AI and public blockchain technologies.

Vision and Mission AICOIN

AICOIN's vision is to provide benefits to individual investors that enable these people to be part of the collective. The term collective here means a party made of recognition, which holds investments for other companies as well as high assets. AICOIN's belief, whether to cooperate with all owners belonging to the collective. In other words, AICOIN is a bridge between conventional trading companies and DAO by not using formal structures. As for missions, the AICOIN Project's goal is to have every investor enter a website token to earn wealth. This is possible because the site uses artificial intelligence and public blockchain technology. Our long-term goal is one of the most successful seed investors in the AI ​​and Public Blockchain space, to support the implementation of public blockchain technology for the benefit of the world as well as AICOIN token holder. While the vision is bold - this is probably from a relatively simple starting point because of our unique two-stage strategy

 Strategy AICOIN

AICOIN can visualize a steady stream of profits and reinvestment using two different strategies. The artificial intelligence technology used by AICOIN will provide short-term benefits in the crypto process of trading costs. Og, AICOIN's vision can be the most successful starting point for any investor. The AICOIN model creates a continuous, steady flow of profits, which keeps on going. Ongoing. This provides a significant advantage over the traditional model, where investors make available capital to the number of seed companies stage and then have to wait for the company to grow in some time before some profit gives another round of investment. If a surge in innovation arises while their capital elsewhere, investors will miss an important opportunity.

 maps Concept

AICOIN has demonstrated its hard work since May 2016. A turning point is the beginning of the development model. In March 2017, the website began to develop live trading. In May 2017, peer review has been performed by this site. In early June 2017, the site began to have a pre-subscription for the following month, starting a subscription. In August 2017, it should be over.


The Coin Pool is made up of subscriber capital that is 100% available for asset growth used both by the Coin Pool and Seed Investment Pool. The operational rules of the Coin Pool are as follows:

  • All fiat currency will be held in bank accounts under the Singapore company name or in authorised exchanges within accounts under the company name.
  •  All cryptocurrency balances will be held within authorised exchanges or within the company’s own cold storage wallets.
  • Where funds are held in cold storage, the wallets must be, wherever possible, multi-sig wallets. All private keys must be held securely at separate geographic locations. All authorised signing authorities must be located at separate geographic locations. No single authority to have access to all keys.
  • Cryptocurrencies traded within the Coin Pool are expected to be BTC, ETH, ETC, ZEC, DASH, XMR, or XRP. A finalised list will be confirmed closer to the launch date. After the launch date no additional cryptocurrencies will be added to the trading list unless a blockchain vote confirms a majority of votes cast in favour of a change AND both the AI team and the First Global Credit Treasury Team approve the alteration.
  • The list of authorised Exchanges the company can use will be published before the launch of trading. Additional exchanges will be added or removed after the initial launch based upon the assessment of counterparty risk by the First Global Credit Treasury Team.


AICOIN provides an opportunity for investors to develop this project. Aicoin will sell a number of AICOIN tokens ( XAI ) . Aicoin will hold ICO on 17 July to 28 August 2017. The token price at ico is 1 XBT = 100.000 XAI.  The purchase of tokens can be done with bitcoin, Eteherum, LTC and ETc. Very fantastic  If you invested and bought many of their past tokens at the launch of this AIcoin in the marketplace, as the price goes up you will benefit greatly. For more details about this project you can access at:



• Gavin Smith, CEO, Founding Director
• Marcie D Terman, COO, Founding Director
• Andy Tynan, Developer
• Lee Cooper, Developer
• Jon Matonis, Counselor
• Joe Belmonte, Marketing Director
• Fran Feldman, Customer Service
• Alex Nelson, Infrastructure & Security
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