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Bitjob ( A Decentralized P2P Students Marketplace For Online Short-Term Jobs)

What is bitjob?

          The youth is the future of a nation. The quality of the nation's youth is needed in a country which is what will be the determinant of the nation's progress. One way to advance the nation is to provide knowledge, skills and a good attitude towards the next generation of the nation. One way is through education. Here we will discuss the education in the university. In essence Student or student is a person who is educated so that he is ready to face the future with all the provisions he gained while studying. It is expected that students are able to apply all that they get in the world of education into everyday life (work). Sometimes, students at school have major problems faced ranging from lack of money for their education expenses and lack of job skills as they graduate so many of them fail in education.
              BitJob is a decentralized P2P marketplace for students to find part time jobs and gain experience in work without disrupting their study time. BitJob is also present to revolutionize the way students make their living.

          BitJob will provide an opportunity for learners to receive payments directly from professional bosses and sharpen their skills while enriching their dynamic resume wherever and whenever.


            For participants who register at bitjob and download the platform first they will verify details and must provide the number of students enrolled in educational organizations, colleges or universities.

          Furthermore, students will have a unique address created in an ethereum network which will be used to conduct transactions with the provider of the work. In the bitjob platform there will be a bidding process between the service provider and the service provider until the bidding process is complete.

In bitjob platforms will have a reputation in every job that they do. The better the reputation earned on the basis of previous employment the higher the payoff is on offer for the next job and vice versa.

BitJob brings together the advantages of micro-gigs and freelancer trials sites with Blockchain technology, to become the first Blockchain Hybrid Project to enable P2P collaboration of Entrepreneurs and Students.With the introduction of BitJob as the first semi-decentralized platform, it is expected that students will get paid quickly by using centralized payment methods (fiat money) and digital currency.The decentralized system designed by professionals is expected to ensure transparency and openness in every transaction in the bitjob market, between students, freelancers and employers.

 BitJob Gives Opportunity TO All Investor

          BitJob also provides an opportunity for investors to develop their extraordinary projects by creating an ICO project where investors will get some tokens from the total investments made. The tokens can be traded on the market. The full description of their project can be visited here

Bitjob will utilize a token called student coin (Stu) . All contributors will be eligble to receive STU tokens by participating in our crowfund campaign planned for september 2017.
  • Sending 1 either to the bitjob account will create 500 stu (The amaount of STU to ether might vary depending on ether’s price)
  • The maximum number of STU created during the ico is 200.000.000
  • Presale  august 2nd, 2017
  • Formal CrowdsaleSeptember 12th, 2017
come on join to this project before you late ,
As for marketing strategies from bitjob you can see in the picture below


To succeed the project bitjob also hold bounty campaign to all promoting this program like me of course then you will be given little result from the allocated tokens.
You can follow the update of this project directly their social media in twitter here And facebook in :
Bitjob hold bounty blog / media and signature to promote their project. For more information about bounty visite here :

          Many very lucrative projects from crowdsale programs like this, I have even followed many crowdsale programs like this in bitcointalk. So very fantastic if you invest and buy a lot of their tokens ago when this bitjob coin launching in the market market, when the price goes up then you will profit big inside. Join the bitjob coin ico crowdsale !!

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Created By :    99percent
BTT Profil;u=27300
ETH Adress:   0xA83B1DF70d1BD1EA6097822089aef7C47eB20033
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