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BlockCDN - PLATFORM CDN With technology SDK and P2P

BlockCDN - PLATFORM CDN With technology SDK and P2P
 Before discussing about Blockcdn How we know what is cdn first. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network or Indonesian language called Content Distribution Network. CDN is a network server system to get existing content in an application / web to various users / users in various parts of the world so that data / content sent received faster. CDN is intended for websites or applications that access from various parts of the world.

A web or application that is accessed online must have a central server that stores all the web data. When someone accesses or uses the web service, the computer sends an http request to the server center requesting data to be used. After that, the server will support the request and send the data that the requested computer requests. This data can be web pages, videos, pictures and so on.
The request and reception process takes time. The speed of the process is determined by several factors. One of them is the distance between the server and the accessing computer (client). The farther the distance, the longer it takes for the process.

Therefore, websites that are accessed from different parts of the world need other servers that are placed in various places in the world for access in this area faster. These servers are called CDN servers (CDNS). This CDNS contains the data - the data from the main server, so that when the client accesses the web data needed and not from the main server, slowly from cdns so the process is faster.

Well to make it easier to spread the knot CDN was born BLOCKCDN


BLOCKCDN is a smart CDN node deployment software based on open source Squid and combined with SDK and P2P technology. Based on the Ethereum smart stuff system, BLOCKCDN will not only allow unused broadband users to share idle network devices and upload traffic. CDN systems are distributed under smart etereum contracts that determine CDN mining, smart contract settlement and CDN trading market in one. Based on the Ethereum smart stuff system, BLOCKCDN will not only want unused broadband users to share idle network devices and upload higher profit traffic without additional enhancements, but provide cheaper, multi-node, and faster CDN services For websites that Needs to be accelerated. Through online chain and checkout work, BLOCKCDN global network eye speakers share idle devices (such as PCs, routers, TV boxes, mobile phones) and deliver upload traffic that accelerates the internet everywhere.
Development of BlockCDN

With the development of mobile Internet, live video and HD 4K video, the user's direct demand for massive data and response time has been promoted, which has led to the booming CDN business. The CDN market is expected to grow from $ 3.7034 billion in 2014 to $ 12.1637 billion in 2019, with a combined CAGR of 26.9% for this period and a long time to grow at high speed, According to enormous Markets and high market growth rates give BLOCKCDN an opportunity to deepen the industry, and provide a revolutionary distributed CDN To share the economy and connect billions of people willing to share. Provide full play not only on scheduling traditional P2P and CDN intelligent nodes but also for SDKs for implementing changes in data sets to parallel, one way to multiple algorithms, one algorithm and protocol for long-term continuous optimization, and 100% anti-theft chain Anti hijacking.

BLOCKCDN can easily upgrade smart devices to CDN nodes. In addition, the BLOCKCDN team completely captures and utilizes distributed CDN, on intelligent scheduling, dynamic deployment of hierarchical applications, DDOS dynamic defenses and other core technology advantages. It has effectively realized the acceleration services for hot areas of the Internet such as: Game downloads, mobile apps, video-on-demand, intelligent hardware, live streaming,

Certain core advantages take a leading position.

• Idle equipment being a CDN distributor. PC, STB and cell phones can be his stock to go back.
• Videos, live, online games and other industries will significantly reduce CDN costs.
• Smart contracts run automatically, blockchain open and transparent ledgers, buyers and sellers are automatically matched, and CDN price forces are given back to the market.
• Super nodes complete intelligent scheduling
• Global and unlimited nodes

Operating structure


Wallet: digital wallet to save tokens (BCDN). The wallet can purchase CDN acceleration on the self-service platform, which can be accelerated instantly by inputting the website needing speeding, the traffic volume of acceleration and the unit price of traffic. 
CDN demander : purchase the CDN service in demand through the wallet 

How to get BCDN TOKEN?

Through crowdfunding or trading, users can get a BCDN token and store it in the wallet. Website owners, requiring acceleration, just input the domain name and accelerated traffic, and the number of BCDN tokens in BLOCKCDN. The node distributor obtains the BCDN token by uploading accelerated traffic, in accordance with the smart contract chaining block. He can not just store BCDN tokens in his wallet but sell them on a third party trading platform to customers who need a CDN. In addition, all data in the interaction process has been recorded and available for checking at any time in the chaining block, which ensures fairness and protection from harassment. The BLOCKCDN smart contract system provides an open, open and fair supermarket platform. You just have to open your wallet, and you can choose the best CDN service for you on the BLOCKCDN self-service trading platform. Distributors of accelerator nodes and accelerators CDN are automatically traded on the system, eliminating the benefits of intermediaries and making distributors more profitable, and accelerating CDN acceleration cheaper.

Here is the BLOCKCDN acceleration purchase process:
The process of obtaining and trading BCND:


The BLOCKCDN Token ("BCDN") plays a key role in the BLOCKCDN ecosystem. BCDN tokens are mainly used for the following purposes:

• revenue receipts for distributors who have unused broadband
• Reception of BLOCKCDN system circulation
• In the BLOCKCDN network, a token for accelerator accelerator CDN is required to purchase traffic

Because BLOCKCDN uses valid traffic auction mechanisms, the BLOCKCDN network will be more prosperous, the more accelerators accelerate CDN, and the quantity demand for BCDN tokens will increase rapidly, possibly leading to an increase in BCDN unit prices. While CDN purchase accelerators buy the same amount of traffic, the number of BCDN tokens that need to be paid will be reduced, and no increase in legal tender. This allows CDN accelerator acceleration, without adding any additional cost, to enjoy token appreciation with the development of the BLOCKCDN system.

BlockCDN Provides Opportunities to Investors to develop CDN projects

BlockCDN Provides Opportunities to Investors to develop this incredible CDN project. SOFTWARE OF Cdn Deployment With SDK and P2P technology. BLOCKCDN will hold Crowdsale  started on 15 September  2017. Total Target sales of tokens to be achieved at the time of ico is 400 million BCDN tokens. Get 15% bonus ,When following the 15% bonus ico will end if 80 million BCDN has been sold, this period is called the early bird. Next after the 15% bonus period (the period of early birds) will be continued the second period 8% BONUS PURCHASE TOKEN with target Up to 120 million BCDN this period is called (lock in). And at ico no bonus is available.  
Here are the details of BCDN prices

So do not forget to invest in early birds. But you do not have to hesitate in investing in ico as well because if you invest and buy many of their past tokens at the launch of this BCDN coin in the market market, when the price goes up then you will get a big advantage in it. for complete information for this project visite :

for more information visite :
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