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CryptoGene (Explore Potential Technology Blockchain )

This time we will discuss about crytogene, which is preparing the future by utilizing blockhain technology.
Blockchain is an important technology that can impact on transactions that occur throughout the financial system. Now there are many financial institutions that see its potential and try to apply this technology to their own system. Blockchain can be a way to make big changes in the transparency of a transaction and how it can happen efficiently.
Blockchain technology is increasingly global. Blockchain, known as the technology behind the success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has a unique method of recording all financial transactions that occur without need. The technology touted as the second largest discovery after the Internet is increasingly believed to be applied to a variety of important sectors in developed countries. Blockchain, known as the technology behind the success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has a unique method of recording all financial transactions that occur without need. The technology touted as the second largest discovery after the Internet is increasingly believed to be applied to a variety of important sectors in developed countries.
However, the Third World and the developing region, Africa's expanded part of it, appears to be backstage. However, there must be a potential growth out there in Africa, as witnessed for example, in the explosive growth of ICT in recent discussions - where Africa is touting 70% of global ICT growth spending. It is the fastest growing region in the global mobile market as well, where the number of mobile subscribers alone has increased by more than 50,000% from 2 million in 2000 to more than 1 billion by 2016. The untapped potentials of the above can not be Interested . It is this potential that Cryptogene seeks to utilize Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies.
As the global community passes another round of digital revolutions, there is a great opportunity to reposition the African continent for enormous growth by using blockchain technology as a facilitator. Cryptogene is a dynamic community for sharing knowledge about cryptococcal technology and blocking technology in the African continent - its application and application.

Background Cryptogene

Cryptogene was founded in December 2016 as a Telegram community where people from all countries come together to share useful and reliable information about crypto and blockchain technology. This goes a long way to accommodate the importance of building valuable cryptococcal solutions and solve problems using blockchain technology. Along with the development of Advanced technology with the term crypto in the global world, Emerging a new innovation for a network using
The Cryptogene project consists of a team of highly tailored professionals with experience and versatility in their respective fields that are appropriate for making the Cryptogene project a success. They uphold and share platforms for the community to appreciate something good, and also provide a platform that allows members to develop or base the blockchain base. Cryptogene provides blockchain solutions for African countries. We are an excited community for crypto technology development and blockchain technology - adoption and deployment. The payment system is a fundamental part of the monetary system of any society. They help shape. With the help of monetary transactions for the payment of goods and services. Improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Therefore, it is totally out of place to deny a good problem on a successful segment of the economy in a very heterogeneous region like Africa - Africa.
The integration of African payment systems has lagged behind other parts of the world in part because of the weak banking system, the culture of cash usage and the lack of technology. Our goal is to bring mainstream blockchain technology in Africa.
Cryptogene aims at a multi-platform hub that supports cross-border learning, use, and development of blockchain tools for individual and organizational purposes. We help individuals and businesses who are willing to develop solutions based on blockchain technology or to explore their potential impact. In decentralization and community focus. Cryptogene's mission is to provide blockchain-based solutions, especially to African countries. The project is targeting Africa as its primary base and seeks to create better integration and development using the benefits offered by blockchain technology. They intend to bring the cryptocurrency technology and mainstream blockchain on this continent. Knowledge is abundant in Africa; The knowledge that, if all who have got it given to young amateurs, policy makers, program implementers, and the general public of Africa, will contribute to the fight against need and poverty. In fact, a large amount of resources are spent on creating awareness, organizing learning, and conducting training and research, which usually only exist on library shelves, not only beyond the reach of the above groups, but also highly technical and indigestible.

Road MAP

Cryptogene Gives Opportunity to Investors

Cryptogene offers attractive offers for investors to develop their extraordinary projects by creating an ICO project where investors will get a token amount of the total investment made. The tokens can be traded on the market. The full description of their project can be visited

Tokens from the ICO Project are called Cryptogene (CGT) which can be purchased with traditional currency (Fiat) and digital currency. The project will start in 24 September 2017. Total supplay token CGT is 50,000,000 CGT . in Crowdsale you can get bonus 50% . Investors are given the opportunity to invest in this project, by purchasing tokens with platform waves,ethereum . Price token  1 CGT = $0,1 . While our smart contract will run on the platform ethereum.

          Many very lucrative projects from crowdsale programs like this, I have even followed many crowdsale programs like this in bitcointalk. So very fantastic if you invest and buy a lot of their tokens ago when this bitjob coin launching in the market market, when the price goes up then you will profit big inside. Join the bitjob coin ico crowdsale !!

Team Cryptogene

  • Founder Bashir Aminu, AbdulHafiz Ahmed, Kolawole Asaolu                          
  • Technical Ruth Iselema
  • Development Orewole Hakeem Adeyemi 
  • Business Development - Rasheed Alabi 
  • Press and Public Relations - Chioma Ezeh 
  • Project Manager Adebambo Odumosu


To succeed the Crytogene project also held a reward campaign for everyone. By promoting this program through social media, youtube blogs and discussion via telegram, slack and in bitcointalk forums. It all aims to promote the Crytogene program to the general public.You can follow the update of this project directly to their social media on twitter here Crytogene holds the blog / media gift and signature to promote their project.
For more information about the gift visit here:

  The details of the bounty are held namely:

  • 30% for Signature
  • 20% for Blog and Media
  • 20% for Translation And Thread Management
  • 15% for Twitter
  • 10% for Facebook
  • 5% for Slack and Telegram

for more information :


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