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Stuffgogo-Decentralized mobile eCormmerce platform with no middleman, cost and no limit

Decentralized mobile eCormmerce platform with no middleman, cost and no limit.With the development of information technology today, has created new types and business opportunities where business transactions are increasingly being made electronically. In connection with the development of information technology allows everyone to easily perform legal acts such as buying and selling. The development of the internet is fast and gives a significant influence in all aspects of our lives. The Internet helps us to interact, communicate, even trade with people from all over the world cheaply, quickly and easily. The last few years with so the spread of internet media cause many companies that start trying to offer various products by using this media. And one of the benefits of internet existence is as a media promotion of a product. A product that dionlinekan over the internet can bring huge profits for entrepreneurs because its products are known throughout the world.The existence of E-Commerce is a promising business alternative to be implemented at this time, because E-Commerce provides many facilities for both parties, either from the seller (merchant) or from the buyer (buyer) in trading transactions, although the Parties are on two different continents though. With E-Commerce every transaction does not require a meeting in the negotiation stage. Therefore this internet network can penetrate geographic and territorial boundaries including its legal jurisdiction.Mobile users often shop on the go, which provides convenience, but also puts them on the ease of WiFi and LTE connections. And the thing to note is information security and privacy. Users feel less secure when entering their payment information to mobile phones when compared to laptops. They also feel uncomfortable to provide their personal information in an app, without any knowledge of how this information will be used, where it will be stored and what will happen when a company's site is hacked or their iPhone is lost.
Several factors contribute to this poor mobile shopping experience. The most prominent is the small screen size of the smartphone. This makes product details hard to read and frustrating payment information comes in, especially since many sites are not mobile optimized. This is far from the main reason customers stop: completing the purchase on the phone is just too much work. Speed ​​is also a problem. Mobile users often shop on the go, which provides convenience, but also puts them on the ease of WiFi and LTE connections

To resolve this issue we want to introduce Stuffgogo

What is Stuffgogo?

StuffGoGo (SGG) is a completely different approach to online commerce. This is the ecosystem of the P2P connected node, no server, it is fully decentralized. StuffGoGo allows users to interact and exchange payments directly without an intermediary. Since nobody in the middle of your transaction has no fees, no restrictions, no account to create, and you only reveal the personal information you choose. So like really safe and comfortable.

Some things you should know about Stuffgogo using Privacy and Security Centric, SGG Ecosystem Very Resilient, No cost and restrictions, User Experience Terfoku, Integrated SGG / BTC Wallet, and involved SosiaL.
7 THINGS are MAKING DIFFERENT STUFGOGO With other e-commerce sites.
  1.      · SGG is the first mobile phone, the second PC. Where OB is the PC first
  2.      · SGG uses the entire ecosystem to support your store. You can turn off your phone, but your stuff will still be sold. OB slowly goes in this direction too
  3.      · SGG focus on usability, "no geek needed". OB is not there
  4.      · SGG has an integrated crypto wallet, users do not need to know what bitcoin or SGG token to start using it. OB does not offer this
  5.      · SGG has a built-in currency (SGG token) to allow large internal bandwidth, no transaction fees and much more
  6.      · SGG comes with auction and ads like Craigslist
  7.        SGG comes with integrated search

STUFFGOGO Gives Opportunity to Investors

The SGG platform has been developed for nearly a year funded by the founders and bootstrapped from existing revenues derived from software development and consulting business. To accelerate development, build a whole SGG community / ecosystem and add the flexibility required for our platform architecture through the use of our SGG token to achieve great success by launching full-featured products on time to market we decided to bring external investment in the form of SGG Ethereal - Based on token sale. Stuffgogo provides an opportunity for investors to jointly develop this project. If you invested and bought many of their past tokens at the launch of this SGG coin in the marketplace, as the price goes up you will benefit greatly. For more details about this project you can access at: 

ICO start date: Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:00 A M UTC

ICO End Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017 6:00 A M UTC

Total number of SGG Tokens issued: 1 000 000 000

Token exchange rate                           : 5 000 SGG = 1 ETH

Minimum transaction amount            : 500 SGG (0.1 ETH)

Maximum transaction amount           : 15 000 000 SGG (3 000 ETH)


The StuffGoGo project team is not just just built. It has grown organically for the last 23 years and comprises highly-loved crypto innovators and its future with several successful projects in the past including building a $ 1 billion IPO
The team that succeed Stuffgogo is

Vlad Tereshkov - Founder, Business and Technology

Yuliya Zlobina - Co-founder, Marketing, Mobile and UX
Vera Karmolina - Founder, Technology, Product Delivery
CaseOS LLC ( - Development Partners
For more information visit:
Website           :
Whitepaper      :
Facebook         :
Twitter              :
Slack                : link

by :;u=27300
ETH Adress   0xA83B1DF70d1BD1EA6097822089aef7C47eB20033
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