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SynchroLife - Decentralized Restaurant Recommendations

Decentralized Restaurant Recommendations Platform Using Tokens to Connect Users and Restaurants
Do you often go to restaurants? Of course you have to go to the restaurant by driving a car or on foot. And what if you are sick and want to eat food from a restaurant. Of course you will order the food online. But most in pay you must be in charge of large transactions and the payment process is complicated. To cope with it all we will introduce to you SynchroLife.

What is SynchroLife?

SynchroLife is a decentralized restaurant recommendation platform worldwide that utilizes artificial intelligence, the Ethereum smart contract, and Ethereal genuine etiquette. SynchroLife creates a token-based economy that connects users and restaurants together, and where food lovers from around the world will be rewarded for sharing accurate information and high-quality reviews about restaurants. SynchroLife aims to create a reliable, precise, accurate, and reliable information platform and restaurant recommendation.

SynchroLife also aims to build a database of user eating habits, restaurant preferences, and overall tastes from which artificial intelligence can give each individual user a personalized restaurant recommendation tailored specifically to them. With recommendations based on artificial intelligence and high-quality restaurant information based on blockchain, SynchroLife will become the new standard for restaurant discovery platforms with intelligent and reliable information. In June 2017 SynchroLife released the world's first beta version available in four languages ​​(English, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Japanese) for iOS and Android smartphones in over 155 countries worldwide. This version is available on the App Store and Google Play Store now, free to download. To download the application can be done at

Ios App Store ( and

SynchroLife is managed by SynchroLife Limited, a company based in Hong Kong. SynchroLife Limited is responsible for the development, management and marketing of SynchroLife's worldwide decentralized restaurant recommendation platform and the development of next-generation block and artificial technologies. SynchroLife's mission is to help people from all over the world find good restaurants and food to suit their personal tastes, and in turn help the restaurant find new customers who will be their best fans and customers. We also hope that the social and community exchanges on our platform can enrich the lives of our users as they discover new foods and new friends.

SynchroLife Gives Opportunity to investors

SynchroLife also provides an opportunity for investors to develop their extraordinary projects by creating an ICO project where investors will get some tokens from the total investments made. The proof can be traded on the market. The full description of their project can be visited here

SynchroLife will use a token called SynchroLife coin (SYC). All contributors will be eligible to receive STU tokens by participating in our planned CROWSALE on 25 August 2017. SynchroLife token price is 0.18 $

Ico starting on 25 August 2017

Price 1 SYC = 0.18 $

        Many very lucrative projects from crowdsale programs like this, I have even followed many crowdsale programs like this in bitcointalk. So very fantastic if you invest and buy a lot of their tokens ago when this SynchroLife coin launching in the market market, when the price goes up then you will profit big inside.

SynchroCoin tokens will be used in decentralized restaurant recommendation platforms as a reward for users who provide accurate restaurant business information, high quality reviews, photos and good restaurant content from around the world. Users can then use tokens to buy restaurant coupons and gift cards, tip others, or even make payments at participating restaurants. SynchroCoin Tokens will also be used as payment by restaurants that decide to market or advertise on the SynchroLife platform as participating restaurants.

Once SynchroCoin is implemented, the SynchroLife team plans to focus all our efforts into the creation of a decentralized restaurant recommendation platform by increasing the accuracy and confidence of restaurant information, increasing the number of reviews and photos, increasing the active user base, and developing artificial intelligence to provide highly personalized restaurant recommendations As the platform evolves, the SynchroLife team will move some of our focus to develop an Online-to-Offline (O2O) marketing platform for restaurants to further develop the SynchroCoin ecosystem with new user awards, coupon purchases and sales, advertising,

How and Where to Use SynchroCoin Tokens (SYC)

A.  Digital Coupons (Micropayments)
B.  Mobile Payment at Participating Restaurants
C.  Participating Restaurant Marketing and Advertisements
D.  Tips Between Users

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