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The Reason Why We Have To Invest in ATLANT

Previously I had shared articles about what is Atlant, vision and mission and how the work and advantages of Atlant in comparison with others. Slightly reminiscent of Atlant, ATLANT is addressing two of the most pertinent problems in real estate with its decentralized blockchain platform: Tokenized Ownership and global P2P Rentals.Peer-to-Peer Rentals will allow to significantly reduce the costs incurred by both parties (lessors and lessors) and minimize the possibility of false reviews and fake ratings - which is a major problem of existing centralized rental services such as Airbnb, Expedia, Booking and etc.

What advantage ATLANT ?

Warranties - asset ownership or lease agreements are secured by blockchain technology, which provides decentralized storage data. Price discovery - real estate assets and digital selling price, warranty and price. Accessibility - which is denominated token that can be shared, allows users to diversify with portfolio owners and simple. Liquidity - Buyers and sellers can trade property tokens without substantial price changes in assets. Low cost - Overhead is omitted and users pay a much lower commission on both purchases and lease transactions processed through. Immutability - Completion of transactions and assessments on the blockchain and can not be changed after it is made to eliminate disputes and increase.

The Reason why We have to Invest in Atlant

1. Achieving Investor Funds

.... VERY OUTSTANDING when running the Pre-Sale Atlant has a member xxxx, On august 2018 Atlant has earned $ 1,291,076. Of course, the total number of Ethereum gained will continue to grow as time goes by. So it should be proud because it lives approximately 10 percent more funds will be fully collected. And after that you just need to wait for update updates from Atlant about ico which will be held on September  2017.

2. Current participation in presale token price is half of ico price

 Before you are not too late to invest live 8 hours more presale will be finished with the achievement of funds that I think this project will run smoothly later in line with the confidence of investors. With you investing now you will get token with details every time you invest 1 ETH you will get 1010 ATL and this is double that you get from when ico you will only get token with the price of 1 ETH = 505 ATL. What do you think ? Obviously if we invest in pre-sale will be very beneficial to us. And if ico later has been completed and the token is ready on the market you will get more benefits doubled when the price of tokens on the market go up. You can join in presale at


3. Achievement in Social Media

As for other things that should be proud of the achievement of Atlant in the field of social media. Currently in his facebook fanpage already has 512 people who have followed him and 468 people who have given suport like. While on social media Twitter Atlant get 393 folower. I think this is good, and I'm sure there will be many people who will follow the development of Atlant because in its Presale Atlant has attracted investors.
What about the achievement of ICO later?

I think Atlant will reach even bigger investors even if the token is not as much. When it comes to Pre-sale but many people or investors believe it's a good project and they believe the project will run smoothly. Do not despair for those of you who did not get to participate in pre-sale because later on 7 september ico will be implemented. So do not forget it.

Hopefully this article useful for all.

For more information on ATLANT Visit:

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